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Why Judges Matter

Sometime in your life, a judge may make decisions about your most personal issues:

  • Your property or inheritance, debts, or the debt somebody owes you

  • Your marriage or your child’s support or living circumstances

  • Your freedom, safety, and fair treatment at work and in the streets

When the day comes that you or someone you love has dealings with a court, the Judge will be the most important person in the room–and in your life. 


But even if you personally never stand before a judge, judges make rulings every day about the laws that affect your safety, health rights, and privacy; your children’s safety and the quality of their education; your equality under the law.


In 2020, the election for NC’s Supreme Court Chief Justice was decided by only 412 votes. In Durham County, more than 1,000 voters failed to vote for anybody in that race. Your vote does count. 


The core values of judges inform their decisions. Vote for candidates with strong resumes who share your core values. Judges must list their party registration on the ballot. A web search can tell you who has endorsed the candidate. And you can search judge candidate bios and histories at Ballotpedia.

 Don’t skip the Judge Races on your ballot!

May is the final election for Durham’s School Board

  • The School Board race is not a primary–it’s the actual election.

  • In Durham County, this election is non-partisan. But that’s in name only. Candidate party affiliation is public info searchable at NC Voter Lookup

  • The School Board should reflect the values and priorities of its community.

  • In 2022, Republicans hope that the non-partisan nature of the race will help them gain control over school boards even in majority blue-leaning NC counties like Durham. Do the Republican candidates share your values? (Check out the Durham County Republican Party 2022 resolutions.) 

  • Your ballot will only list the School Board race(s) you are eligible to vote in. (View your own sample ballot.)

Here are all the Democratic candidates for Durham’s School Board: 

Natalie Beyer (incumbent)

Jasper Fleming

Donald Hughes

Myca Jeter

Millicent Rogers

Matthew Sears (incumbent)

Bettina Umstead (incumbent)

To learn more about them, watch the Durham Dem Women’s School Board Candidate Forum.